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/what you can’t see doesn’t mean doesn’t exist

Explorer of
My Own Mind

Below, a brief description of myself, but first a little premise
Considering we are never truely able to show all of ourselves,
we often give labels so it’s easier to identify each other.
Well, at least here, you can feel free to be whoever and whatever you wish.
Dive into a mix of Colors, Black and White.

About myself.
ebokubik is Kevin Starnino, an Italian/Canadian Explorer, Writer, Filmmaker, Painter & Photographer.
But also former robot programmer and avid traveller.
Basically I like life and I follow my passions and dreams.
Here I’m going to show everything that happens in my mind, and that manages to comes out... or at least I try.

If you like it, don’t hesistate to get in touch.
I’m fluent in Italian, English and Spanish, with basic knowledge of French,
and I would love to know what you think about my work and open to constructive critics and collaborations.