Dear Son

When one day, Winter will come, and like a naked tree I cannot get dressed, be patient.
Remember you were once a frail bud and I was there helping you grow strong.

When one day, the shower is just a scary storm, do not laugh at me.
Remember those mornings
I wiped a few drops out of your face that felt like poison for your eyes.

When one day, my legs will feel like heavy roots, don’t leave me behind.
Extend your now strong arms towards me, just the way I did,
as you looked for mine when you couldn’t swim anymore!

If I start to repeat myself over and over, don’t stop me.


In bed I used to read the same story every night for you to fall asleep.

When all of a sudden I cannot remember which season we are in,

Give me some time.

And if I still cannot remember, 

Don't get upset, just having you with me is more important.

And when I say “I wish this Winter to be the last one”, don't get angry.
Try to understand that I just don’t want to feel like a burden anymore,

It’s time for other flowers to blossom.

For you to live your life.

Because despite my choices,
One day you'll find out that I always wanted nothing but the best for you.

please, just give me a bit of your time.

Give me a shoulder to rest my head on in the same way I did it for you...
Help me walk...

Help me finish my days with calm

and I'll give you a smile and the immense love I have always had for you.

I love you MY SON.